Tuesday, November 3, 2015


*Received Monday, November 2, 2015

Well.... zero time...

1. My birthday was good! I got to fast for it!!! It was awesome. I'm doing the Lords work so who cares. I ate 4 whole pancakes for my breakfast. Usually i only eat two. A really nice catholic lady (everyone down here is catholic..) Gave me some SUPER awesome shoes and a sweater for free. I love that lady. So that was my birthday.

My dope shoes... Nike Swoosh

2. There are toys down here called super trompos. super tops. All of the kids have them down here. SOO, I had buy one. And in the house every morning we have battles.

3. Be good this week. You guys rock. Thank you everyone. I feel your prayers. My Spanish is a TON better than it was. I can almost have whole conversations with people. Its awesome.

Well, I love you guys. God love you too. Pray to him everyday, he listens. 

Elder Keele

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