Thursday, October 15, 2015

Conference was Awesome.

*Received Monday, October 5, 2015


This week was awesome. Conference was of course amazing. It was even better because all of the English speakers get to sit in their own room in the church and watch it. IN ENGLISH!!! It was awesome. It was sad though... Seeing President Monson so sick.. But also powerful at the same time. That man has some guts to be able to stand/lean there and give such a powerful message. He is awesome. Also, the three new apostles are looking good. I enjoyed listening to them. I´m excited for April when they get a real chance of speaking.

We have a new friend living in the apartment with me and my companion... A black widow... It is actually really cool to see every morning or so.. Sometimes it is there on the web sometimes it is sleeping.. or just not there. we aren´t sure. Anyways, we feed it everyday with flies that we catch and let me tell you. Black widows move fast.. they are freaking sketch.

Fernando is hopefully getting baptised this saturday. He is having a little trouble with something. It is with his work. So, he has to get a new job. but I dont know how it is going to work. If he is going to quit or not. or wait for a new job to quit.... I just want one baptism!!!! 

We are teaching a family named. Coronado Campana Bautista. Their son just died like 3 months ago. So they have a ton of questions about the Plan of Salvation. They are really cool.

Also, HAVE FAITH! Faith is the basics for everything. For keeping commandments and praying! Have faith
Also, ponderize a scripture. It is important

Love you guys. See you next week
Elder Keele

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