Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Week Here

*Received Monday, September 28, 2015


This week has gone by really fast. And i can understand when people talk to me. Well, like 29% of the time i can understand what is going on... So, that is fun.. I can talk just fine. I just don't know what they say to me..

Anyways, Fernando. He cant be baptized this week because of General conference.... So, October 10th is the day! And i am totally counting him for my first baptism. Even though we didn't find him first. Also, he has really opened up to us now that we have been with him for a while. The first visit, he didn't talk at all. But now he jokes around with us, and is actually a really cool guy.

We haven't heard anything from Monica... That is rough. I really want here to be baptized.... She knows that it is true. but she just needs that one moment to really help her know. Hopefully this week she calls us or something.

We are teaching some teenage girls here. Well, teaching with these girls means, going over there and talking about just about anything but the gospel.... Nataly and Noami. They live in Nataly's house with Nataly's mom and 3 other younger children. They are your average teenage girls. They party every weekend, they love the boys, and they joke around like they do bad things. Well, I hope that they are joking..... Anyways, Nataly is an inactive member, and Noami is a non-member. I think that Noami is really interested in the church, but Nataly doesn't really have a desire to come back. Also, Nataly's mom is inactive as well, but she has been coming to church again, and she drags Nataly and Noami and the other children to church too. which is a good thing for us!!

My spiritual thought for this week is about a book i read the introduction to. Believing Christ. I haven't read it and i know nothing special about it. But i suggest reading it. Anyways, this book is about how we say that we believe in Christ, but we don't actually believe that he can change our lives or make us worthy to live with God again. Read it and tell me how it is. I don't have time to read it here.... So, someone please give me an update.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Keele
I love america, and this is a member boy.. I don't know his name..... Whoops.

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