Wednesday, September 2, 2015

4th Email. 11 days left in the CCM

WELL! HOLA MI FAMILIA Y AMIGOS! This week has been fast and slow at the same time. Very fast as in eventful, but also slow because we are stuck in the same schedule for just about every single day.

Something funny is that a new guy moved into my house. His name is Elder Pederson. Funny story about him. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY FIRST COMPANION! His visa came late. So, he had to stay in the Provo MTC for 2 weeks. but he is here now. AAAAAAAANNNNNNDDD, I´m glad that he came late, because i dont know if i could handle him. I like my companion now so much more than him. Even though Me and Elder Butler have our hard times. and I´m pretty sure Elder Butler wishes he was in a threesome companion with the hawt model guy and his companion. BUT whatever, I pray and serve him as much as i can so that I try to love him.

I got to listen to ANOTHER apostle this week. Dallin H Oaks spoke to the Provo MTC and we got to watch it live. It was awesome. And guess what. I put him in my farewell talk for a reason. He talked about the sacrament again. That is the reason i have 4 different quotes from him in my talk. So, i´m not trying to brag or anything. BUT I have gotten to listen to 2 of the living 13 apostles in 6 days. I´m lucky to be in the CCM right now.

Also, I´m gonna send home a picture of my pants... I ripped them on a darn door. I rubbed my booty on a door thing. and It apparently just ripped a big old hole in it. So, I´m having one of the hermanas in my district sew it back up for me. Thank goodness for hermanas. They are very nice and helpful.

Elder Jones and Sundet left this week. It was kind of sad. Elder Jones MAY have shed a few tears. It was nice to get to do our awesome handshake one last time. I love that kid. I know that both of the two missionaries will do amazing.

Anyways, I just want to tell you guys that I love all of you. Thanks for being great people in my life. I have used some many things that i learned at home out here. Last of all, READ AND PRAY EVERYDAY!!!! It has been the biggest blessing here in the CCM to pray to my Heavenly Father and feel the blessings and love he has for me. So, read and pray every day. It is awesome. I promise.

11 days. 11 days and i will be in Hermosillo.... woah.

Elder Keele

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