Thursday, August 13, 2015

SUPRISE! 1st one of 103

HELLOOOOOOOOO FAMILIA Y AMIGOS!!!!!! This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. It has literally only been 7 days and i feel like I've been here for over 2 months. So, I've really had to focus on just getting though the week and hoping that it speeds up after today. 

The plane ride was good. Especially for my first one ever. It wasn't too bad of seating, i wasn't as squished as i thought i would be. And i knew the plane wasn't going down because we had 45+ missionaries on the plane. It was fun to sit with the other missionaries as we waited for 2 hours for the plane to start boarding. I finally met some people with the same mission call as me! They were two Hermanas, but atleast i know i wont be going to Hermosillo alone. But all is well so far in the Mexico CCM.

I saw all of my friends here on the first day! I saw Elder Kelly Jones first. (Yes our famous handshake was performed) He showed me around and told me all about the CCM. I've also seen Elder Adrian Rodriguez (he left yesterday), Elder Wyatt Devlin, Elder Jake Sundet, and some other people i know from Springville and Spanish Fork. It was nice to see them, and they are doing great as well, if you wanted to know.

My first day here was pretty eventful. I got a new companion and transfered in the first 5 hours here. So, I got here and they gave us our nametags and other essential stuff and i hadn't seen the guy who i was supposed to be companions with. So, i just went to my room and started to unpack every thing thinking that he would show up. BUT i heard a knock on our front door, and it was not him, it was an older Mexican man. He told me that my companion had been transfer to Provo. Then, I had to give up my key to the house and my new closet, and pack EVERYTHING back up, and move to a new house with a new companion. It was a really good day to start out with.... Anyways, my new companion is Elder Butler. DEREK Butler. Yes, same spelling as my russian friend. And he is pretty interesting. Lets just say that we are similar in some humor and personality. But God has blessed me with the opportunity to mature a lot and become more on top of things... yeah. Anyways, he is a good companion for me because i'm learning a lot of maturity, and he took 5 years of Spanish in High school. So he knows a little more than i do.

I've been doing a lot of good learning and my spanish is becoming better than it ever has. Thank you Gift of Tounges. But the only problem is, I cannot understand anything that they are saying to me.... So, that is especially rough. It has been really hard, because we started teaching on Friday. We are teaching, 100% in spanish, to a woman named Rosa. I think that she is a member. But rumor here is that they sometimes pull inactives or even random people off the street to be taught by us. But that is later, like week 3, I hope. Anyways, during the lessons, when i ask her questions, I always have to rely on Elder Butler to know what she is saying and how to respond. Which is hard, because i know what i want to say, but i dont know when to, and sometimes i dont know how to. I'll definitely have to keep praying and studying for more Spanish. Oh,  by the way. Down here in the CCM. EVERYBODY has to write a talk for sacrament meeting. Yes, even the new missionaries coming in. And it is completely in Spanish. So, we have sacrament with our zone, about 24 missionaries total, and after the sacrament they announce who will be speaking. AND LUCKY ME, i got to give a talk on my first sunday, in spanish, about Perserverar hasta el fin, (Enduring to the End). I think i did pretty good though. even though i really did just have my head down 90% of the talk.

We have had some fun in the CCM. We have an hour of gym time everyday, and so far we have played basketball twice, soccer and ultimate frisby once. Crazy thing during Ultimate Frisby though. we were playing 11A vs. 11C (My new district) and it was going fine, but right after 11A scored, we looked back to see one of the elders on the ground, hurt. We didn't think much of it, but he ended up going to the enfermeria and getting it check out. Worse than we thought. They were thinking like an ACL, MCL, or a Patella dislocation\tear in the tendon. So he was on a wheelchair and we were worried about him. BUT his district gave him a blessing, and he stretch it out a little. And he says it is feeling a lot better than it was before. So, blessings do work, and the Gospel is real. And i'm definitely gonna be able to dunk it by the end of 6 weeks. BOOYA!

We have a bunch of study time, but it doesn't feel like very much. We have lessons to plan, talks to write and language to study. So, even if it feels like everyday lasts a long time, there really isn't enough time to get everything done. Its rough, but also a good learning experience.

With the transfer i have a new district. 11C. So, if you send me letters, put 11C instead of 6A. And the district i'm in is pretty freaking awesome, and our zone is awesome as well. In the district we have me, Elder Butler, Elder Groscost, Elder Hall, Elder Smith, Elder Johnson, Hermana Mortenson, and Hermana Larsen. I'll give you more details about them later, i'm kinda running out of time already. 1 hour sure does go fast. Also, my p days are on wednesdays if you couldn't tell.

So, I'll end with this. I may not know very much about the gospel, and I'm gonna grow a ton really fast. and it is definitely gonna be hard and I may not like it very much sometimes. But all week i've had the phrase, "after all you can do" in my head. So, that is what i'm trying to do. Even though my spanish is awful and I'm not as learn as some of the others here. I'm gonna work harder or just as hard as everyone here. That is what i need to do. Matthew 10:22 i think is a scripture i used in my talk. So, look it up. 

LOVE YOU GUYS. I'm doing fine out here. The food hasn't affected me as much as others, but it did hit me a little bit. So, yeah. I'm praying for you.

Elder Keele

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