Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oh Boy

People in my home country.

I'll tell you one thing. Your mission in a different language doesn't start until you get your first companion that doesn't speak a lick of English... Let me explain. Last week was one of the most crazy weeks I've ever experienced.

1. Remember Monica? Yeah, we haven't visited here for 2 months... BUT ON SUNDAY SHE CAME TO CHURCH! Yeah, Hernandez and i were in shock. So, we talked to her to see how she was doing and all that jazz. And she told us that she was going to talk the the branch president to see if she can get baptized. wow. And on Saturday me and my companion Elder Nicanor went and ate with her and her husband.. I spoke a lot of English and about Fantasy Football with Matthew, her husband. It was awesome. Also, we are going to eat with them on Thanksgiving!!! I'm excited to eat American food. :)

2. WE HAD SPECIAL TRANSFERS LAST WEEK!!! We didn't know about them until Sunday night, and Elder Hernandez had to leave the next morning to Aqua Prieta... So, basically my mission dad abandoned me. it was a sad moment, but I'm over it. My new companion, Elder Nicanor, doesn't speak english at all... He understands a little bit, but it is basically solo Spanish from here on out... He is from Vera Cruz. He is 25 years old. and he is pretty cool. Its hard to change from teaching style to teaching styles. But we'll be fine. Also, it is awesome, because Pres. Robinson told all of the latinos to learn english. So, we are reading the Book of Mormon together in English. I love it. Its better in English...

My old companion

3. We had thanksgiving dinner today as a Zone. And we got shirts. They are pretty sick. They are Christmas shirts... I don't know why. But we ate chicken and mashed potatoes from KFC. It was awesome. I love this place.

My new companion 

Everyone, remember than Jesucristo suffered for every single one of you. He gave His life so that we could go to Heaven and live happily for ever. But we need to work and do all that we can for his grace. This is my lovely message. I know this church is true. I love you guys. Be safe. 

Elder Keele

Monday, November 9, 2015

Another week bites the dust

Well, this week was pretty cool. I honestly don't remember a lot of the things that have happened... but i'll try my best to impress. Also, I like the bullet point approach. So, I'm gonna stick with it for a while.

1. Well, I ate the first food down here that i absolutely thought was disgusting... Cabaza. If you don know what cabaza is, look it up. It wasn't actually that bad tasting... I just couldn't look at what i was eating or chew it.. My throat got a nice work out that day. 

2 We met a guy named Marlo on a bus one day. And we took his name and address down. So, obviously we visited him. And when we did, he continued to use all of the bible references that he had.... TO PROVE THE CHURCH WAS CORRECT! He literally told us all of his beliefs and they lined up exactly with the church. He is awesome. and there are people prepared for us out there. I think he will be baptized soon.

3. Fernando. He is awesome. He went to the temple on Saturday for the first time to do baptisms for the dead and the next day gave a talk in sacrament meeting. Not only did he kill his talk, but when he bore his testimony about the temple it was awesome. I love that guy. He wants to go on a mission too... So, we'll see.

4. I have lost a few pounds while being out here in the mission... About 25.. I weighed myself yesterday. And yeah. I've lost a little bit. And yes, i am eating food out here. Don't worry about that.

5. This week I want to tell you guys to think positively. I know that life is very hard sometimes. Sometimes you just want to give up. But when you have a hymn or prayer in your mind you will just have a better day. I promise. I've had a lot of hard times out here, but I've always been able to conquer them with songs or just happy thought.

I love you guys. I hope you have a great week. Bye bye for now. 

Elder Keele

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


*Received Monday, November 2, 2015

Well.... zero time...

1. My birthday was good! I got to fast for it!!! It was awesome. I'm doing the Lords work so who cares. I ate 4 whole pancakes for my breakfast. Usually i only eat two. A really nice catholic lady (everyone down here is catholic..) Gave me some SUPER awesome shoes and a sweater for free. I love that lady. So that was my birthday.

My dope shoes... Nike Swoosh

2. There are toys down here called super trompos. super tops. All of the kids have them down here. SOO, I had buy one. And in the house every morning we have battles.

3. Be good this week. You guys rock. Thank you everyone. I feel your prayers. My Spanish is a TON better than it was. I can almost have whole conversations with people. Its awesome.

Well, I love you guys. God love you too. Pray to him everyday, he listens. 

Elder Keele

No Time... Again

*Received Monday, October 26, 2015


Well, No time obviously.... So ill give you 3 highlights.

1. I got to give the priesthood to Fernando this week! It was a cool experience. Except I messed up and the bishop had to tell me, during the blessing, what to say. Also, I couldn't understand or hear him... So. It was really embarrassing. But it had to be done at some point.

2. I'm finally teaching the real people in mexico. We taught a guy who told us that he is here in Nogales because his boss is in jail... Also, he has help people cross the border.. And I'm 99% sure that he has killed some people in his time... "When my boss says light em up, I got to light them up. or else they will do the same to me." So, that was cool. We taught him how to pray, he prayed. And it was actually one of the most spiritual prayers I've felt in a while. But I'm not sure that we will be going back to teach him... Darn.

3. We had a branch activity here. It was "Bienvenidos a Hawaii" It was actually very fun. The picture of me, was the limbo obviously. And It was the activity that Elder Hernandez and I did. We tied some ties together and hung it from the fake ceiling thing. and it was really fun. 

This missionary was in my branch. she was transferred and so was our zone leader he was soooo cool.... Sad day. And the little boy in the pic with Hermana Lopez is just a kid in the branch. He is freaking crazy and awesome too.

This is also a picture of my first district in the mission. Elder Reyes, Elder Aranda, Elder Hernandez, Elder Leany (Transferred), Elder Dipko, Elder Bolina (Not in my district, Photo bomber), Hermana Lopez, y Hermana Quintana

I love you guys. and my spiritual thing is this. Everyone has their "Favorite sins," or the sins that always get to you. I think that we all need to find that one thing that Satan can always find and get rid of it. TODAY!!

Con MUCHO amor,
Elder Keele

Wednesday, October 21, 2015



well, I don't have time to write anything too special this week..

1. The mouse ran away.. hopefully its not in the house anymore. AND we killed the Black Widow. It was really fat, I think it was about to have babies....

The black widow before we killed it

2. The rain here is crazy. It rains super hard, and the thunder and lightning here is crazy. I have a video of the rain and one of the biggest lightnings I've ever seen in my life. I hope the sound works as well... In the picture, I am soaked... We just went out side and stood in the rain for like 10 minutes.

3. My Spanish is a TON better. Puedo hablar mas con las personas en la calle y en las lecciones. So, that is a very good thing.

4. I have lost a ton of weight. Well, I think... I don't actually know. But lets just say that i have lost 2 belt loops of the belt that i brought out here. And the jeans I have don't fit me at all... Thank goodness.

5. Also, we drank this whole bottle of coke in one night. it is a 3 liter. a little bit better than just a regular 2 liter.

You don't have to be perfect! Just use the Atonement of Jesucristo and keep trying to become like him and you will have eternal life. work hard, and play hard in Heaven.

Fernando's first time tying a tie

Love you guys!! 
Elder Keele

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Simple and Sweet. Jon Bellion

*Received Monday, October 12, 2015

Well, I got three things this week. 
1. I got SUPER sick on Saturday and Sunday. Like someone was stabbing me in the stomach all day, but i am good now. Soo. Yep.

2. WE GOT A NEW PET!!! One nigh we found a mouse in the house, So we caught it. and now it is staying in a bucket in the house, and sometimes we let it run around in the bathroom shower. It is actually kind of cute.

3. MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! Fernando did get baptized on Saturday. During the service my stomach felt completely fine. Elder Hernandez baptized, which was cool to see and good because i don't have the Baptism prayer in Spanish memorized.... But it was really awesome. The other people in the picture are the members that helped us teach. Also, yes. Everyone down here is about the same height as them..

Elder Keele

Conference was Awesome.

*Received Monday, October 5, 2015


This week was awesome. Conference was of course amazing. It was even better because all of the English speakers get to sit in their own room in the church and watch it. IN ENGLISH!!! It was awesome. It was sad though... Seeing President Monson so sick.. But also powerful at the same time. That man has some guts to be able to stand/lean there and give such a powerful message. He is awesome. Also, the three new apostles are looking good. I enjoyed listening to them. I´m excited for April when they get a real chance of speaking.

We have a new friend living in the apartment with me and my companion... A black widow... It is actually really cool to see every morning or so.. Sometimes it is there on the web sometimes it is sleeping.. or just not there. we aren´t sure. Anyways, we feed it everyday with flies that we catch and let me tell you. Black widows move fast.. they are freaking sketch.

Fernando is hopefully getting baptised this saturday. He is having a little trouble with something. It is with his work. So, he has to get a new job. but I dont know how it is going to work. If he is going to quit or not. or wait for a new job to quit.... I just want one baptism!!!! 

We are teaching a family named. Coronado Campana Bautista. Their son just died like 3 months ago. So they have a ton of questions about the Plan of Salvation. They are really cool.

Also, HAVE FAITH! Faith is the basics for everything. For keeping commandments and praying! Have faith
Also, ponderize a scripture. It is important

Love you guys. See you next week
Elder Keele

Another Week Here

*Received Monday, September 28, 2015


This week has gone by really fast. And i can understand when people talk to me. Well, like 29% of the time i can understand what is going on... So, that is fun.. I can talk just fine. I just don't know what they say to me..

Anyways, Fernando. He cant be baptized this week because of General conference.... So, October 10th is the day! And i am totally counting him for my first baptism. Even though we didn't find him first. Also, he has really opened up to us now that we have been with him for a while. The first visit, he didn't talk at all. But now he jokes around with us, and is actually a really cool guy.

We haven't heard anything from Monica... That is rough. I really want here to be baptized.... She knows that it is true. but she just needs that one moment to really help her know. Hopefully this week she calls us or something.

We are teaching some teenage girls here. Well, teaching with these girls means, going over there and talking about just about anything but the gospel.... Nataly and Noami. They live in Nataly's house with Nataly's mom and 3 other younger children. They are your average teenage girls. They party every weekend, they love the boys, and they joke around like they do bad things. Well, I hope that they are joking..... Anyways, Nataly is an inactive member, and Noami is a non-member. I think that Noami is really interested in the church, but Nataly doesn't really have a desire to come back. Also, Nataly's mom is inactive as well, but she has been coming to church again, and she drags Nataly and Noami and the other children to church too. which is a good thing for us!!

My spiritual thought for this week is about a book i read the introduction to. Believing Christ. I haven't read it and i know nothing special about it. But i suggest reading it. Anyways, this book is about how we say that we believe in Christ, but we don't actually believe that he can change our lives or make us worthy to live with God again. Read it and tell me how it is. I don't have time to read it here.... So, someone please give me an update.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Keele
I love america, and this is a member boy.. I don't know his name..... Whoops.

Nogales. The Beginning

*Received Monday, September 21, 2015

Hola familia y amigos.

This is my first week out in the mission field. And let me just tell ya. It is rough! It is a whole different experience than the MTC. Because this is the real world now. No more Mormon Utah, or Missionary MTC. I am among the people. It is fun. 

I sent some pictures of my house in my last email. I hope you got to see them. It is tiny. It is a 1 bed room, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen house. But for a missionary, i guess it is awesome. I am really happy here, and i could live in this house for 2 years.

The language here doesn't even sound like Spanish sometimes.... They speak sooooo fast. I have been praying for the gift of tongues every single day, and it is coming.... but very slowly.

My main investigators are Monica and Fernando. Monica is married to a member. and the best thing about them, is that they speak English!!! Monica speaks both fluently, and her husband, Mattew doesn't speak it at all. So, we got to have a full lesson in English and I could understand what was going on. Anyways, she is almost ready for baptism. she just needs to receive the green light from God. She thinks it is right, but she isn't 100% sure yet. Fernando has a baptismal date. October 3rd. So, I guess that will count as my first? Even though we've only taught him once. But he is a good guy. He is 19. He is ready.

My trainer is great. He is the perfect trainer for me. He speaks fluent Spanish. BUT he is from Utah, and is English as well. He has helped me a lot and hasn't even complained that he speaks 95% of the time to the people in the street. He has 11 months in his mission. So, he is about halfway done. It is crazy.

This is all for this week. Keep working hard. I love you all!!! The church is true.

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Keele

Picture. My bathroom

Quick Email from Nogales

*Received Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos

I literally only have a minute to write.

I'm doing fine, my spanish is bad comparitivly out here. I'm learning quick. 
Thats all. See you guys on monday My first companion's name is Elder Hernandez. He does speak english, which is very good for me. And that is my house. Yep.....

Elder Keele

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last Week of the CCM


El tiempo esta aqui. Voy a salir la CCM en Lunes. A la 3 en la maƱana. I'm probably not even going to sleep that night. I am going to do some laundry, and pack. If I fall asleep I will not make it to the bus in time..... I will be flying to Hermosillo at 6:45 in the morning and I have 3 other Americans on the plane with me, with like 8-10 Latinos. So, I'm a little nervous that I am going to be wrecked by all of the real Spanish that is about to hit me... Yeah, we'll see. Also, I don't know when I will be able to email again... So, if you guys are relying on me to have a missionary email from me. Don't. I might email on Monday. If not NEXT Monday...

We learned this week that the missionary that hurt his knee, Elder Viera. Tore his meniscus..... He has to go home. He will be flying to California on Monday and the recovery time is set for 2 months.. Wow. That would be really hard for me. But he seems like he will be coming back out right when the doctor allows him.

This week i got really sick for about a day. I felt like i was going to throw up and soil my garments at the same time... I went to the Clinic here. And they gave me some good drugs. I took them and it isn't a problem now. SO WE GOOD!!! Mexico has got nothing on drugs.... well actually...

I have this bet with my roommate Elder Hodson. I wear the same shirt, pants, and tie for the rest of the time here. he will shave his whole body from the neck down.. Yeah, I'm gonna win. It has been going for about 3 days already. I´m definitely winning. Also, In the house I am living in, we started a water pong tournament. We play about 2 games a night. It is awesome, we have a bracket set up and everything. 

My spiritual thought this week is about attitude. Attitude is everything. If you have a bad situation given to you. You can always have a good attitude and make it better. 3 quotes for you guys. Fake it till you make it. Attitude determines altitude. If you think you will succeed or you think you wont, you´re right. Thanks Elder Jensen. So, if you are having a bad day. JUST SMILE. even if you are faking it. You will just feel happier anyways.

There is a chance that i will meet Jeffery R. Holland and Henry B. Eyring. Just saying. I'll update you later. 

You guys can do anything. 
Elder Keele

Also, Elder Devlin left. Love that guy. I´m next. AHHH!

Also, my mission is giant.... 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

4th Email. 11 days left in the CCM

WELL! HOLA MI FAMILIA Y AMIGOS! This week has been fast and slow at the same time. Very fast as in eventful, but also slow because we are stuck in the same schedule for just about every single day.

Something funny is that a new guy moved into my house. His name is Elder Pederson. Funny story about him. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY FIRST COMPANION! His visa came late. So, he had to stay in the Provo MTC for 2 weeks. but he is here now. AAAAAAAANNNNNNDDD, I´m glad that he came late, because i dont know if i could handle him. I like my companion now so much more than him. Even though Me and Elder Butler have our hard times. and I´m pretty sure Elder Butler wishes he was in a threesome companion with the hawt model guy and his companion. BUT whatever, I pray and serve him as much as i can so that I try to love him.

I got to listen to ANOTHER apostle this week. Dallin H Oaks spoke to the Provo MTC and we got to watch it live. It was awesome. And guess what. I put him in my farewell talk for a reason. He talked about the sacrament again. That is the reason i have 4 different quotes from him in my talk. So, i´m not trying to brag or anything. BUT I have gotten to listen to 2 of the living 13 apostles in 6 days. I´m lucky to be in the CCM right now.

Also, I´m gonna send home a picture of my pants... I ripped them on a darn door. I rubbed my booty on a door thing. and It apparently just ripped a big old hole in it. So, I´m having one of the hermanas in my district sew it back up for me. Thank goodness for hermanas. They are very nice and helpful.

Elder Jones and Sundet left this week. It was kind of sad. Elder Jones MAY have shed a few tears. It was nice to get to do our awesome handshake one last time. I love that kid. I know that both of the two missionaries will do amazing.

Anyways, I just want to tell you guys that I love all of you. Thanks for being great people in my life. I have used some many things that i learned at home out here. Last of all, READ AND PRAY EVERYDAY!!!! It has been the biggest blessing here in the CCM to pray to my Heavenly Father and feel the blessings and love he has for me. So, read and pray every day. It is awesome. I promise.

11 days. 11 days and i will be in Hermosillo.... woah.

Elder Keele

Thursday, August 27, 2015



This week has been pretty crazy. I've done a lot and seen a lot. But I'm awful at explaining things, sooooooooo. Here we go. 

First of all, sorry for the day late email update. I had to go to something called Migration so that I can stay in mexico for 2 years. It was a 2 hour drive there, 2 hour wait for everyone to finish, then a 3 hour drive back. The drive back was super long because of a political campaign going on for Gustavo A. Madero. There were a bunch of people there and we had to do like 3 big circles around the city to get around the people. That is the picture of the PT flag. It means the Partido del Trabajo, which i think means, Working party. So, that was cool. but also, there were like 150 policemen with riot shields everywhere, because about a half mile down the road, the opposing political party was doing a huge campaign as well. It was awesome. 

My Spanish has been growing slowly, but surely. I can talk pretty darn well, but my listening to Spanish is awful. I don't understand 70% of the things that the Latinos say to me. But hopefully one day my ears will be able to understand anything that they are saying. This also makes lesson difficult sometimes. Especially when I ask them a question and they respond, or ask me a question, then i just kind of stare at them blankly until my companion says something or I may have to ask them to repeat what they said. But i have realized that when i can understand the most is when the spirit is there, and i am speaking with the spirit. So, the gift of tongues is real and also the spirit is someone that can really help out. 

This week we got a special experience. We got to listen to an apostle of God speak to us in our little auditorium. It was D. Todd Christofferson. He is an amazing man. He came and talked to us for about 20 minutes, then for the rest of the time he had he did a question and answer thing. I learned a lot from him answering questions with us. It is amazing the things that you can feel and know when you are in the same room as an apostle. He talked a lot during one of the questions about being humble. You can pray for humility, and God will help you with the thing you need. It really helps when a leader you have isn't helping you or you feel like you can do more than a leader you have on a mission. It also was saying how to be a good and humble leader. It seemed pretty simple to me. BE LIKE JESUS!! Jesus was very loving and he legit loved every single person, but he also wasn't afraid to be direct when he needed to be. He told people how it was in the most direct and loving way possible. I love Him. If you get the chance, read about Him in Matt, Mark, Luke, and John. I have grown so much just learning about Him. He is awesome.

On Sunday, we had another awesome devotional. And this time it was from Jeffery R. Holland. It was a very powerful, as Holland usually is. He was yelling at us, while also making us laugh, and also making us feel like we have to work harder. Which we do. It is the latter days. Jesus is coming soon. He told us that we have to be better missionaries than ever before. better than him and also better than all the missionaries to ever live. That made everyone feel a little scared. but he knows we can do it. He made sure to tell us to convert ourselves, then work our tails off until someone tells us to go home. That was a good thing for me to learn.

The food here is really good. I enjoy eating it. even if it makes my stomach hurt a little bit. But if anything ever looks kind of gross, they always have a thing full of frosted flakes for me to eat. But sadly, everybody loves the frosted flakes..... So, they will literally run out in about 2 meals, and they have to fill them up again. 

The missionary that i am sending a picture home of is freaking awesome. He did basically everything in his life. He is 25 and he has graduated from college with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He ran cross country for his college in Illinois,where he lives. and he played volleyball in college and also soccer for his college and squash for his college. He is pretty freaking awesome. But the funniest and best thing about him, is that he used to be a model. He got payed bank to be a model. He payed off his entire college tuition, and bought a brand new car. IN CASH! HE has had a pretty sweet childhood too. I just wanted to include him in my letter home because 1. He is freaking awesome. 2. He is my roommate. 3. He is pretty freaking hawt. So, have fun looking at the pics.

You guys rock. Thank you for the prayers and emails. I love you guys. Stay classy. Make the gospel important in you life. and Stay strong and work for things. It is worth the effort. 

Elder Keele



Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2nd one of Many!

Hello Familia and Amigos.

This week has gone by super fast and slow at the same time. It is hard to explain, but i feel as if i have been here for 2 months, and also for 4 days at the same time. But next time i write you, I will be halfway done with the CCM!! That is something that I don't think i'm ready for. But the Lord will definitely be there for and with me. I love him.

For my Jon Bellion People, sorry if it is mis-spelled. I was using the bathroom one day and I heard someone singing the trumpet part to luxury. and so I obviously sung it back. So, now i have a Jon pal. It is Elder Viera. He is a freaking awesome kid. We talk about music and Jon all the time. I love it. Plus his voice is amazing. so, I just let him sing the whole time.. 

The food has hit me hard here...... I have been going to the bathroom a solid 6 times a day... but I wont stop eating the beans.. they are soo good. And i just love all of the Mexican food that they serve us. Like every Tuesday dinner is Costco Pizza night and we have had Hamburgers twice this week. THEY ARE SO GOOD! but really they serve some yummy things.

i forgot to say this before, but i got a package from this place called They just sent me something to share with the district, and i advertised for them.. That's weird, but also you can send me stuff from there. Like if you want... whatever..

I know that the gift of tongues is a real thing here. Right after i wrote my letter last week, we taught a lesson to Rosa, and before i had prayed SOOO hard to be able to understand her. And it was probably the best lesson that i have had so far in the CCM. I loved it. I asked questions, responded to her responses. Me and Elder Butler killed it. But we have been teaching about everyday now, and our lessons are pretty good. Except when Elder Butler messed up the first vision so bad, and i swooped in and killed it from memory. You can just say that my memorized Spanish sentences and scriptures are awesome.

The mexico city temple is being rededicated in September. So they started having the open house for it. and I got to attend it this morning and it was awesome. I miss doing endowments all the time, and i definitely took for granted having a temple within 15 minutes. It takes about 45 minutes to get from the temple from here and they are in the same city. It's nuts. But because of the re-dedication, we get to see an apostle here. D. Todd Christopherson is coming here a week from today and i am so excited to see and listen to an apostle talk to the missionaries... ME! So, that is cool. I am definitely going to try and get a Squad pic with Todd. 

I'm already running out of time this week but i need to tell you guys this. David A Bednar is my favorite apostle. His talks are amazing. He is direct, but in being direct he is nice. We watched a video from a MTC devotional a few years ago, and it was about the Characteristic of Christ. The exact thing that I have been studying. It was amazing. Basically the main message of his talk was turn outward when the natural man would turn inward. It was amazing. So, I'll officially leave you with this. Christ did things without even thinking about it. Like the way that he served. He didn't think about what he would receive because of it. even though we do get blessings. don't make blessings the reason we serve. TURN OUTWARDS!!! 


Thursday, August 13, 2015

SUPRISE! 1st one of 103

HELLOOOOOOOOO FAMILIA Y AMIGOS!!!!!! This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. It has literally only been 7 days and i feel like I've been here for over 2 months. So, I've really had to focus on just getting though the week and hoping that it speeds up after today. 

The plane ride was good. Especially for my first one ever. It wasn't too bad of seating, i wasn't as squished as i thought i would be. And i knew the plane wasn't going down because we had 45+ missionaries on the plane. It was fun to sit with the other missionaries as we waited for 2 hours for the plane to start boarding. I finally met some people with the same mission call as me! They were two Hermanas, but atleast i know i wont be going to Hermosillo alone. But all is well so far in the Mexico CCM.

I saw all of my friends here on the first day! I saw Elder Kelly Jones first. (Yes our famous handshake was performed) He showed me around and told me all about the CCM. I've also seen Elder Adrian Rodriguez (he left yesterday), Elder Wyatt Devlin, Elder Jake Sundet, and some other people i know from Springville and Spanish Fork. It was nice to see them, and they are doing great as well, if you wanted to know.

My first day here was pretty eventful. I got a new companion and transfered in the first 5 hours here. So, I got here and they gave us our nametags and other essential stuff and i hadn't seen the guy who i was supposed to be companions with. So, i just went to my room and started to unpack every thing thinking that he would show up. BUT i heard a knock on our front door, and it was not him, it was an older Mexican man. He told me that my companion had been transfer to Provo. Then, I had to give up my key to the house and my new closet, and pack EVERYTHING back up, and move to a new house with a new companion. It was a really good day to start out with.... Anyways, my new companion is Elder Butler. DEREK Butler. Yes, same spelling as my russian friend. And he is pretty interesting. Lets just say that we are similar in some humor and personality. But God has blessed me with the opportunity to mature a lot and become more on top of things... yeah. Anyways, he is a good companion for me because i'm learning a lot of maturity, and he took 5 years of Spanish in High school. So he knows a little more than i do.

I've been doing a lot of good learning and my spanish is becoming better than it ever has. Thank you Gift of Tounges. But the only problem is, I cannot understand anything that they are saying to me.... So, that is especially rough. It has been really hard, because we started teaching on Friday. We are teaching, 100% in spanish, to a woman named Rosa. I think that she is a member. But rumor here is that they sometimes pull inactives or even random people off the street to be taught by us. But that is later, like week 3, I hope. Anyways, during the lessons, when i ask her questions, I always have to rely on Elder Butler to know what she is saying and how to respond. Which is hard, because i know what i want to say, but i dont know when to, and sometimes i dont know how to. I'll definitely have to keep praying and studying for more Spanish. Oh,  by the way. Down here in the CCM. EVERYBODY has to write a talk for sacrament meeting. Yes, even the new missionaries coming in. And it is completely in Spanish. So, we have sacrament with our zone, about 24 missionaries total, and after the sacrament they announce who will be speaking. AND LUCKY ME, i got to give a talk on my first sunday, in spanish, about Perserverar hasta el fin, (Enduring to the End). I think i did pretty good though. even though i really did just have my head down 90% of the talk.

We have had some fun in the CCM. We have an hour of gym time everyday, and so far we have played basketball twice, soccer and ultimate frisby once. Crazy thing during Ultimate Frisby though. we were playing 11A vs. 11C (My new district) and it was going fine, but right after 11A scored, we looked back to see one of the elders on the ground, hurt. We didn't think much of it, but he ended up going to the enfermeria and getting it check out. Worse than we thought. They were thinking like an ACL, MCL, or a Patella dislocation\tear in the tendon. So he was on a wheelchair and we were worried about him. BUT his district gave him a blessing, and he stretch it out a little. And he says it is feeling a lot better than it was before. So, blessings do work, and the Gospel is real. And i'm definitely gonna be able to dunk it by the end of 6 weeks. BOOYA!

We have a bunch of study time, but it doesn't feel like very much. We have lessons to plan, talks to write and language to study. So, even if it feels like everyday lasts a long time, there really isn't enough time to get everything done. Its rough, but also a good learning experience.

With the transfer i have a new district. 11C. So, if you send me letters, put 11C instead of 6A. And the district i'm in is pretty freaking awesome, and our zone is awesome as well. In the district we have me, Elder Butler, Elder Groscost, Elder Hall, Elder Smith, Elder Johnson, Hermana Mortenson, and Hermana Larsen. I'll give you more details about them later, i'm kinda running out of time already. 1 hour sure does go fast. Also, my p days are on wednesdays if you couldn't tell.

So, I'll end with this. I may not know very much about the gospel, and I'm gonna grow a ton really fast. and it is definitely gonna be hard and I may not like it very much sometimes. But all week i've had the phrase, "after all you can do" in my head. So, that is what i'm trying to do. Even though my spanish is awful and I'm not as learn as some of the others here. I'm gonna work harder or just as hard as everyone here. That is what i need to do. Matthew 10:22 i think is a scripture i used in my talk. So, look it up. 

LOVE YOU GUYS. I'm doing fine out here. The food hasn't affected me as much as others, but it did hit me a little bit. So, yeah. I'm praying for you.

Elder Keele

Monday, August 10, 2015

Missionary Photo shoot

Well of course there was a photo shoot. It took place on June 27th

And of course there was a picture with the Little Guy