Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oh Boy

People in my home country.

I'll tell you one thing. Your mission in a different language doesn't start until you get your first companion that doesn't speak a lick of English... Let me explain. Last week was one of the most crazy weeks I've ever experienced.

1. Remember Monica? Yeah, we haven't visited here for 2 months... BUT ON SUNDAY SHE CAME TO CHURCH! Yeah, Hernandez and i were in shock. So, we talked to her to see how she was doing and all that jazz. And she told us that she was going to talk the the branch president to see if she can get baptized. wow. And on Saturday me and my companion Elder Nicanor went and ate with her and her husband.. I spoke a lot of English and about Fantasy Football with Matthew, her husband. It was awesome. Also, we are going to eat with them on Thanksgiving!!! I'm excited to eat American food. :)

2. WE HAD SPECIAL TRANSFERS LAST WEEK!!! We didn't know about them until Sunday night, and Elder Hernandez had to leave the next morning to Aqua Prieta... So, basically my mission dad abandoned me. it was a sad moment, but I'm over it. My new companion, Elder Nicanor, doesn't speak english at all... He understands a little bit, but it is basically solo Spanish from here on out... He is from Vera Cruz. He is 25 years old. and he is pretty cool. Its hard to change from teaching style to teaching styles. But we'll be fine. Also, it is awesome, because Pres. Robinson told all of the latinos to learn english. So, we are reading the Book of Mormon together in English. I love it. Its better in English...

My old companion

3. We had thanksgiving dinner today as a Zone. And we got shirts. They are pretty sick. They are Christmas shirts... I don't know why. But we ate chicken and mashed potatoes from KFC. It was awesome. I love this place.

My new companion 

Everyone, remember than Jesucristo suffered for every single one of you. He gave His life so that we could go to Heaven and live happily for ever. But we need to work and do all that we can for his grace. This is my lovely message. I know this church is true. I love you guys. Be safe. 

Elder Keele

Monday, November 9, 2015

Another week bites the dust

Well, this week was pretty cool. I honestly don't remember a lot of the things that have happened... but i'll try my best to impress. Also, I like the bullet point approach. So, I'm gonna stick with it for a while.

1. Well, I ate the first food down here that i absolutely thought was disgusting... Cabaza. If you don know what cabaza is, look it up. It wasn't actually that bad tasting... I just couldn't look at what i was eating or chew it.. My throat got a nice work out that day. 

2 We met a guy named Marlo on a bus one day. And we took his name and address down. So, obviously we visited him. And when we did, he continued to use all of the bible references that he had.... TO PROVE THE CHURCH WAS CORRECT! He literally told us all of his beliefs and they lined up exactly with the church. He is awesome. and there are people prepared for us out there. I think he will be baptized soon.

3. Fernando. He is awesome. He went to the temple on Saturday for the first time to do baptisms for the dead and the next day gave a talk in sacrament meeting. Not only did he kill his talk, but when he bore his testimony about the temple it was awesome. I love that guy. He wants to go on a mission too... So, we'll see.

4. I have lost a few pounds while being out here in the mission... About 25.. I weighed myself yesterday. And yeah. I've lost a little bit. And yes, i am eating food out here. Don't worry about that.

5. This week I want to tell you guys to think positively. I know that life is very hard sometimes. Sometimes you just want to give up. But when you have a hymn or prayer in your mind you will just have a better day. I promise. I've had a lot of hard times out here, but I've always been able to conquer them with songs or just happy thought.

I love you guys. I hope you have a great week. Bye bye for now. 

Elder Keele

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


*Received Monday, November 2, 2015

Well.... zero time...

1. My birthday was good! I got to fast for it!!! It was awesome. I'm doing the Lords work so who cares. I ate 4 whole pancakes for my breakfast. Usually i only eat two. A really nice catholic lady (everyone down here is catholic..) Gave me some SUPER awesome shoes and a sweater for free. I love that lady. So that was my birthday.

My dope shoes... Nike Swoosh

2. There are toys down here called super trompos. super tops. All of the kids have them down here. SOO, I had buy one. And in the house every morning we have battles.

3. Be good this week. You guys rock. Thank you everyone. I feel your prayers. My Spanish is a TON better than it was. I can almost have whole conversations with people. Its awesome.

Well, I love you guys. God love you too. Pray to him everyday, he listens. 

Elder Keele

No Time... Again

*Received Monday, October 26, 2015


Well, No time obviously.... So ill give you 3 highlights.

1. I got to give the priesthood to Fernando this week! It was a cool experience. Except I messed up and the bishop had to tell me, during the blessing, what to say. Also, I couldn't understand or hear him... So. It was really embarrassing. But it had to be done at some point.

2. I'm finally teaching the real people in mexico. We taught a guy who told us that he is here in Nogales because his boss is in jail... Also, he has help people cross the border.. And I'm 99% sure that he has killed some people in his time... "When my boss says light em up, I got to light them up. or else they will do the same to me." So, that was cool. We taught him how to pray, he prayed. And it was actually one of the most spiritual prayers I've felt in a while. But I'm not sure that we will be going back to teach him... Darn.

3. We had a branch activity here. It was "Bienvenidos a Hawaii" It was actually very fun. The picture of me, was the limbo obviously. And It was the activity that Elder Hernandez and I did. We tied some ties together and hung it from the fake ceiling thing. and it was really fun. 

This missionary was in my branch. she was transferred and so was our zone leader he was soooo cool.... Sad day. And the little boy in the pic with Hermana Lopez is just a kid in the branch. He is freaking crazy and awesome too.

This is also a picture of my first district in the mission. Elder Reyes, Elder Aranda, Elder Hernandez, Elder Leany (Transferred), Elder Dipko, Elder Bolina (Not in my district, Photo bomber), Hermana Lopez, y Hermana Quintana

I love you guys. and my spiritual thing is this. Everyone has their "Favorite sins," or the sins that always get to you. I think that we all need to find that one thing that Satan can always find and get rid of it. TODAY!!

Con MUCHO amor,
Elder Keele

Wednesday, October 21, 2015



well, I don't have time to write anything too special this week..

1. The mouse ran away.. hopefully its not in the house anymore. AND we killed the Black Widow. It was really fat, I think it was about to have babies....

The black widow before we killed it

2. The rain here is crazy. It rains super hard, and the thunder and lightning here is crazy. I have a video of the rain and one of the biggest lightnings I've ever seen in my life. I hope the sound works as well... In the picture, I am soaked... We just went out side and stood in the rain for like 10 minutes.

3. My Spanish is a TON better. Puedo hablar mas con las personas en la calle y en las lecciones. So, that is a very good thing.

4. I have lost a ton of weight. Well, I think... I don't actually know. But lets just say that i have lost 2 belt loops of the belt that i brought out here. And the jeans I have don't fit me at all... Thank goodness.

5. Also, we drank this whole bottle of coke in one night. it is a 3 liter. a little bit better than just a regular 2 liter.

You don't have to be perfect! Just use the Atonement of Jesucristo and keep trying to become like him and you will have eternal life. work hard, and play hard in Heaven.

Fernando's first time tying a tie

Love you guys!! 
Elder Keele

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Simple and Sweet. Jon Bellion

*Received Monday, October 12, 2015

Well, I got three things this week. 
1. I got SUPER sick on Saturday and Sunday. Like someone was stabbing me in the stomach all day, but i am good now. Soo. Yep.

2. WE GOT A NEW PET!!! One nigh we found a mouse in the house, So we caught it. and now it is staying in a bucket in the house, and sometimes we let it run around in the bathroom shower. It is actually kind of cute.

3. MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! Fernando did get baptized on Saturday. During the service my stomach felt completely fine. Elder Hernandez baptized, which was cool to see and good because i don't have the Baptism prayer in Spanish memorized.... But it was really awesome. The other people in the picture are the members that helped us teach. Also, yes. Everyone down here is about the same height as them..

Elder Keele

Conference was Awesome.

*Received Monday, October 5, 2015


This week was awesome. Conference was of course amazing. It was even better because all of the English speakers get to sit in their own room in the church and watch it. IN ENGLISH!!! It was awesome. It was sad though... Seeing President Monson so sick.. But also powerful at the same time. That man has some guts to be able to stand/lean there and give such a powerful message. He is awesome. Also, the three new apostles are looking good. I enjoyed listening to them. I´m excited for April when they get a real chance of speaking.

We have a new friend living in the apartment with me and my companion... A black widow... It is actually really cool to see every morning or so.. Sometimes it is there on the web sometimes it is sleeping.. or just not there. we aren´t sure. Anyways, we feed it everyday with flies that we catch and let me tell you. Black widows move fast.. they are freaking sketch.

Fernando is hopefully getting baptised this saturday. He is having a little trouble with something. It is with his work. So, he has to get a new job. but I dont know how it is going to work. If he is going to quit or not. or wait for a new job to quit.... I just want one baptism!!!! 

We are teaching a family named. Coronado Campana Bautista. Their son just died like 3 months ago. So they have a ton of questions about the Plan of Salvation. They are really cool.

Also, HAVE FAITH! Faith is the basics for everything. For keeping commandments and praying! Have faith
Also, ponderize a scripture. It is important

Love you guys. See you next week
Elder Keele